Why Mission Health Partners?

Join the over 1,100 physicians who have committed to improving quality and optimizing the individual experience of care for at-risk patients in western North Carolina.

Mission Health Partners (MHP) currently serves approximately 90,000 patients in western North Carolina, with an overall goal of improving health outcomes and reducing costs. MHP utilizes a unique and innovative combination of data-driven initiatives and the implementation of an innovative care coordination model that focuses on social determinants of health – that is, the social and environmental factors that may have a significant influence on a patient’s health outcomes.

MHP is one of the largest Accountable Care Organizations in North Carolina, with value-based agreements in place with payors that allow MHP to provide care coordination services for at-risk patients under these health plans while also providing incentives for physicians to improve quality and reduce unnecessary costs.

The Mission Health Partners Care Coordination team – available to all MHP providers - includes registered nurse (RN) care coordinators, certified pharmacy technicians, licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) and clinical pharmacists. The team collaborates with our physicians and regional community partners, expanding our scope and ensuring that even our most rural patients are able to receive local and specialized assistance when they need it.

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